Westlands Hay & Haylage

As an established fencing contractor I found increasing numbers of people mentioning the lack of good quality hay and haylage at a reasonable price. I decided to setup a subsidiary company (Westlands hay and haylage supplies). Selling good quality hay, straw and haylage in a variety of nutrient values and available in a variety of sizes from small "pick up" bales to large 8ft bales weighing nearly half a ton. All quantities can be catered for (discount may apply for larger quantities). And prices can be arranged pre season so as to budget for the feeding period and also to reserve the type of hay/haylage required. Hay, straw and haylage can be supplied for all livestock requirements including the equestrian market, sheep, goats and for small animals.

Bales Been Loaded Onto A Trailer
Hay & Haylage Bales

All grasses that are cut for hay/haylage are maintained to a high standard throughout the year starting with raking in the spring to remove any dead grass (thatch). This is usually followed by rolling to firm the soil and ensure no stones or soil are collected in the bales when collecting the crop which could compromise the quality of the bale. The product is a mix of 80% Rye & 20% Timothy.

Delivery can be arranged by to all destinations and can be deposited into the most awkward of storage areas if required. Delivery cost depends on milage from Westlands Farm, Withernwick.


Small “pick up” Bales - £3.50

6ft Mini Heston Bales - £25 + Delivery

8ft Large Bales - POA

*Delivery costs depend on quantity ordered. Please contact me for a price.

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If collecting bales our address is Westlands Farm, Beverley Road, Withernwick, HU11 4TY