The planting side of the business is carried out over the winter months (from late november to end of feb). This work mainly consists of hedge planting and tree planting projects for land owners. The hedge planting is usually carried out using manual methods but for larger projects machinery can be used to speed up the process. All varieties of hedging can be supplied and planted all in different sizes from 40 cm to 120cm high. A typical mixture consists of hawthorn, blackthorn, maple hazel and dog rose. Advice and samples can be given before hand when on a site visit. Hedges are usually covered using plastic biodegradable protectors and a cane is used to keep the plant upright. Tree planting projects are also carried out over the winter period which again are carried out manually. Trees all come in a variety of sizes to suit everyones budget and application. Typically 40-60cm or60-90 cm trees are used and are protected using a plastic guard and stake. Again all advice can be given to the customer or work can be carried out to existing plans or specifications.

Tree Planting

Wild Flower Planting

Hedge Planting