The fencing side of the work provides the backbone of the business spanning the full spectrum of fencing from security through to stock proof fencing. The stock fencing is usually aimed at the agricultural sector, providing a stock proof fence usually to contain sheep or cattle. a stock fence usually consists of a standard pig net (approx 3ft high) with either 2 rows of barbed wire or smooth wire above.
All variations can be catered for from different sized posts/stakes to variations in net size. Advice and recommendations can be given to the customer when carrying out a site visit. Samples of all wires, timber and net can be provided to give customers an idea of which is most suitable for there purpose.

Post and rail fencing provides a more aesthetically pleasing look to areas around property along with also providing a good stock  proof fence for horses etc. post and rail fencing can come in anywhere from one to six rail depending on the desired application. All timber is tanalised which provides long lasting protection against weather and rot. All gates can be supplied and hung using wooden or metal gates in a variety of styles depending on budget and use.

Fencing Installation

School Fencing

Domestic boundary fencing comes in varying styles and sizes from a small picket fence which provides a cosmetically pleasing aspect to a property, up to a large heavy duty close board fence to protect and secure properly boundaries. Specification of posts can vary depending on location and budget. (precast concrete, steel or wood)

Security fencing can be an ideal way to protect your property from intruders and meet insurance regulations. This can come in the form of chain link, palisade, or weld mesh panels to name but a few. All of which can be topped off with razor or barbed wire to provide added security.

All the fencing is carried out using up to date equipment to provide a quick and efficient service to all customers. A Tractor and a post driver are used to site all posts for the agricultural and equestrian sector, where as for domestic fencing holes are excavated either manually or mechanically ready to set posts in concrete. Nail guns and powered equipment are used wherever possible which all go towards keeping costs down to provide a cost saving to the customer.

Boundry Fencing

Security Fencing